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Clean Thoughts On A Dirty Wall

For every day and every tomorrow

You came from dust. You will return to dust. That's why I don't dust - it could be someone I once knew.

Dear Karma: I have a list of people you missed. Thanks in advance.

Never give up on anybody; miracles happen every day.

Happy Life Habits:

Show respect for teachers.

Show respect for police and firefighters.

Show respect for military personnel.

Learn the trade; ignore the 'tricks of the trade.

12.31.2019 'As the world turns...' - clear, cold, with scattered thin clouds in the sky, the sun, even so low, is soothing and warming as it spreads its rays across my shoulders. A thought crosses my mind as I trek up the hill to my house. In fewer than twelve hours we will enter into a new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade. And the world will be a better place for our race because of our race. Perfect waits in Heaven. Let there be peace, even an imperfect peace, here with us. Smile

Genius which I can hold in my hand is waiting in the public library. Quietly.

What if you get scared half to death twice?

In a culture remarked for outrageous attention seekers, quiet moments of intimacy send a wonderful message of love and hope. The Ageless River of love goes unrelentingly to the sea of life.

'Economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise.' From the creed of the JayCees, a community service group for young men. 

Gluten free has been such a rage in the foodie circles lately. Looking around one may well wonder if glutton free may be a better choice for some.

Happy Life Habits

Keep secrets

Take lots of photographs

Never turn down homemade brownies

Celebrate joy constantly

Write 'thank you' posts and notes immediately

Who knew that the first four letters in analyst spell 'anal'. That does explain a certain motivation. 

How many generals are there in a General Store? Is there an average number, a minimum, maximum? 

At my favorite place at the lake, waiting for the arrival of my burger. A monarch butterfly establishes a presence in the area around me, ultimately coming to rest, first, on my boot, then on my hand, two fingers, my thigh and finally departing for another venue. None of the resting pauses lasted more than a few seconds to several minutes. Folks passing by were also entertained by the lovely graceful presence. I love my mountain home.

The most boring, often insincere expression in our idiom: 'I'm excited'; 'It's exciting'; etc. No, everything can't be cause for excitement. Why isn't anyone enthused, delighted, pleased, happy?

What a pleasant Sunday. Admiring the results of my gardening efforts last week, I was visited by a single monarch butterfly; the creature performed an elegant ballet all around me, making arcs and circles, dipping and briefly soaring, only to suddenly fly away, seeming to disappear just as magically as it had appeared. A grateful and appreciative man. 

Humor: the ultimate soul food. 

When is a potential potentate potent?

Do turtles and snails think that all other animals are homeless?

Happy Life Habits

Learn to identify the music of Mozart, Chopin, and Beetoven

Plant a tree on your birthday

Donate two pints of blood every year

Make new friends and cherish the old

Today in the US Mail comes a letter, prominently stamped 'Personal and Confidential'. It was addressed to 'Offer Recipient. What a country! Does this happen to random citizens of Ceylon or Mauritania? Nowhere else in this whole wide world, pilgrims.

The two most important days of my life: the day I was born, and the day I learned why I am here. 

The pyramid, with its four sides joining as one at the top is a universal symbol of major aspects of life: the four seasons, the four phases of life, the counting of music in fourths; and, as the sides come together as one, they direct us to pursue our calling, our life purpose, the meaning of each human life. 

Keeping up with the Jones' has been proven to be a fools errand. Researchers found that even when people were given tee shirts to wear which everyone assumed would be found offensive or mocked by at least 50%, only about 20% noticed. Everyone is more aware of themselves and what they own or drive and seldom notice the same in others. 

Happy Life Habits:

Never buy a house without a fireplace

Buy whatever kids are selling on a card table

Once in your life own a convertible

Treat everyone you meet as you want to be treated

If it's true that male employees consistently make more than do females for the same work, why do employers continue to hire and retain male employees? Are they ignorant of the truth or stupid? Or is the truth ignored?

'The darkest hour is just before dawn.' True, or just a quaint homily?

When I hear an interviewer say to an interviewee: 'Tell us a little bit about yourself.', I always think: oh, oh, this person can tell us all the virtue signalling stuff and just leave out all the salacious tidbits we really want to know. 

I give thanks every day to God and my mother for all of the gifts which were given to me at my birth. Without them and the joy they have brought me in using them to help others, my life would have been without purpose. 

Even on the cloudiest day, if there is daylight, the sun is welcoming me to the very best it has to offer. I am surely at my best when I emulate the light and warmth of the sun. And I am reminded that darkness and cold are not my best or my preferred moods. 

We are all subject to the same laws of physics and chemistry that dictate everything about our world and our universe. Some choose to learn the laws and use them for personal benefit. Others violate them and respond with anger and resentment when their outcomes are unpleasant.

Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to the people who asked me for directions.

I came to get ripped; instead, I got whipped. I've repeated that phrase hundreds of times in many gyms and in my own home workout spaces as I was in the process of winding down from a resistance training session. There is no adequate way to describe that hollowed out feeling of having expended my final ounce of energy, pushing through the resistance and if need be, through some pain to get to my daily goal. Another favorite: Ponce de Leon would find the fountain of youth wherever he and others could do resistance training. In resisting with my muscles my bones react by getting stronger and harder to handle the stronger muscles. In health as in all of life, there is no free; only work works.

I call my home Los Arboles, 'the trees' in Spanish. Today I spent some time admiring my Crimson King maple tree, a real show piece on the second terrace which presents its colorful display at chest height and above from my front door and on my large deck. And it's framed by the 80+ foot ponderosa pines along the lower border of the property. My heart always connects with my surroundings as I leave and whenever I return here. The trees are my anchors.

Very few will ever know the experience of standing on a stage, playing ones instrument and doing the vocals with a group of six or seven good to excellent musicians behind you. Of course the applause is great; still, each number is so satisfying as the entire ensemble performs, each on a separate instrument, in time and in tune. The feeling is one of such personal accomplishment and as a part of something more than being a solo act. I've done both, many times, and each one is unique. Even knowing the times when I've missed a note. It happens. Smile

I love to be able to workout for core, power and endurance, work hard physically using my hands and getting into all sorts of poses to complete tasks, and to be intellectually stimulated through study and writing down my observations as I develop them and analyze my conclusions. As a boy I learned to admire the Greeks for their determination to be a whole person in spirit, mind and body, and the stoics for their endurance in the face of hardship and opposition. I question my life and how I employ it; I never question my beingness.

Happy Life Habits

Be forgiving of yourself and others.

Learn three clean jokes.

Wear polished shoes.

Floss your teeth.

Drink champagne for no reason at all. 

A gift is something given freely with no expectation of anything in return. An exchange, as in a family or social group where it is anticipated that each person will both give and receive items is just that, an exchange. Confusing the two can lead to rancor and disappointment. 

Fact or friction: to deny facts is to ultimately encounter friction. It has ever been thus. 

'I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent' From an old friend, Ashleigh Brilliant, in one of his volumes of aphorisms.

Salvador Dali: 'Do not fear perfection, you will never reach it'. Practice makes better.

Every expert was once a beginner.

Happy Life Habits

Be the first to say 'Hello'

Live beneath your means

Drive inexpensive cars

Read great books

Peace is found more often by inner reflection than by outer projection.

Both sexes, male and female, have a dark aspect to their character. Since it can remain unseen if not overtly expressed, it is possible to deny that it exists, just as one may deny gravity; the evidence of its presence is all around us. 

There is no pain-free life. Each of us must accept the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment. Michael Phelps, many times Olympic champion swimmer, never got used to the shock of the cold water at 6 AM when he first dove into the pool every day. 

Happy Life Habits: 

Sing in the shower.

Use the good silver.

Learn to make great chili.

Plant flowers every Spring.

Own a great music system. 

Attempts to understand the opposite sex are fool's errands. And any critique of the opposite sex is even more futile. God knew very well, better than any human, His intention. The same is true of God's device of diversity. Acceptance is a valuable virtue and a blessing. 

From my study of the Bible I have  concluded that it is a series of lessons about the venality of man and how to avoid conduct which is morally wrong. 

The Battle of the Sexes has never been a battle at all: there has always been constant collusion followed by surrender...

The lab tech who draws my blood at the VA is the best I've ever had. And I have had so many needles there that both my arms have scar tissue from hundreds of visits to blood centers to donate for premature babies. Some such experiences are more pleasant than others. Each is important for its own reasons. 

Is it illegal where you live to go skinny dipping alone?

What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. I focus on what I think.

Happy Life Habits

Have a firm handshake

Look people in the eye

Say 'Thank You' a lot

Say 'Please' a lot

Learn to play a musical instrument

From Lily Tomlin: 'I always wanted to be somebody; I should have been more specific.

When all is said and done, more is said than done. 

Happy Life Habits

Compliment three people every day.

Have a dog.

Watch a sunrise at least once a year.

Remember other people's birthdays.

Overtip breakfast waitresses. 

When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go. Smile

Stand and sit erect, head high, chin tucked in slightly. With this projection you will immediately notice that people see you as open, authentic and respectful. Life changing.

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