Keeping Current

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​​The age of celebrity is over. The most conspicuous among the stars are proving to be a fraud or a farce. They were never more than shiny objects at the shallow end of the pool. Legitimacy, authenticity and honor are at the other end; that is where our culture is drifting. 

We are witness to the arrival of the New Great American Century. The election of President Trump was the capstone on the recent release of restrictions on development of known reserve of oil and natural gas. Cheap energy is the engine of commerce and wealth. We are there now. 

Monstrous Sheep in Disguise

God forgive me, I once gave financial support to Greenpeace, The Cousteau Society and the Sierra Club. In contrast to my mantra of No Anger, No Blame, No Guilt, No Shame, they use blame, guilt and shame to attack those who do not worship at their altar, employing  their anger and their vitriol to abuse those who entertain any contrary beliefs. 

Mismanaging Greatness

The NFL saw its zenith at Super Bowl 50, won by Denver over Carolina. It's upward trend had been lessening over several years with its emphasis on social issues on and off the field. A perfect example of how poor leaders are responsible for the demise of any enterprise in spite of the excellence of the front line members of the team. 

And Now A Leader Has Emerged

At first it was in the towns and rural parts of the majority heartland as the big names in the republican party were brushed aside in favor of a man who spoke to the people who live there. 

With momentum, more prominent support came from those in the local, state and national government from elected officials there.

And then a national election was held.

Policies and positions were established which produced results that were stunning compared to what had gone before. 

Next, trials were put in place in the international arena and more foes were either dismissed or replaced as friends.

Now, with a single speech before the UN, a new world order which favors the US is born. 

One man and his voice is the most remarkable and the most dominant in the world. All in the space of 18 months from the day he began. lw 9.21.17