I always welcome the experience of watching the birth of a new day. From the first promise of new light to the full array of a new day, here in the forest all is calm, all is bright. And the quiet is majestic. The dawn, when it fully arrives, has a graceful power that is without effort as it dispenses new energy. And it bears a message for me: act again to realize your purpose in life, you have real value in the universe. Peace

Happiness Through Understanding.

We live in a world which is dominated by the undeniable forces of physics and chemistry. Much of the happiness to be enjoyed in life comes from understanding who we are and what we desire as it is subject to those two verities. Such as: 

We are all subject to the same laws of physics and chemistry that dictate everything about our world and our universe. Some choose to learn the laws and use them for personal benefit. Others violate them and respond with anger and resentment when their outcomes are unpleasant.

Is it colder in winter than in summer? It seems that it is. The universe is a vast space without any heat. It is always seeking whatever heat is available, whether from the sun, a fire, or a warm mammal. Shorter days and less intense sun's rays result in lower temps in winter. To keep warm we must insulate the heat of our bodies from the appetite of the universe. To fail in that results in death from what is called 'exposure'. Exposure to the universal cold. lw 10.2.17